Quail Call

Thursday, Nov. 16…9:05am.       Last night was the last “Heaven” session we will have as we are taking a Thanksgiving break.  We will return on Nov. 29th.  We talked last night about where people go if they die before the events of Revelation chapter 21.  We have taken to calling this place, “The Present Heaven” because we are told our “Forever home” is not yet completed, and there has not been a full Judgement day.  If I were some of you I don’t know how I would take this information in.  Perhaps I would ask myself if this mattered to me because who knows IF I will get to Heaven or not.  Maybe I would be mildly interested because others I love and respect, e.g. Grandma, Mom, my siblings have told me that everyone is “going to the same place”. Or just maybe this info will cause me to question myself about just WHAT or WHO I believe in.  Maybe I have tried to do the best I can…how could a God who says He loves me, move on without me?

If these are the kind of questions you find yourself asking…or wondering about…Wed. evenings at 5pm could be a great place for you to start

Bob White



LogoACVFDThis weekend on Saturday, 18th (all day) the Fire Department Auxiliary is hosting a bake sale to help fund our fire department. As you know, the department is woefully underfunded by the county and they rely heavily on donations and fund raisers to keep going. The Cabbage Patch Kids have taken over the fire hall for the occasion and bring you all sorts of tasty baked goods – don’t miss out! Please come on down to support our community.


Quail Call

Here it is Thursday, Nov. 9th, 2017…know what that means?  It means it is almost 2018!!  I don’t know about you, but I know a few years ago, “20 anything” seemed like light-years away!  I was born in 1937 and just thinking about that amazes me.  1937…first car I ever owned was a 1930 Model A Ford.  Second one was a 1936 Ford, two-door.  The Model A was one of the best cars I can remember owning. It had mechanical brakes, which meant you had to push very hard to stop.  It also had a soft top…not a convertible, but a soft top.  It also bragged of a 4 cylinder engine that produced some 40 HP.  I owned a 1951 Chevy 2 door sedan when I got married that had a working radio and a heater in it.  By the time I was father of two children I had owned 3 more cars, the best of which was a 1952 Buick. When my kids finished college, I owned a 1973 Mercury Grand Marquis.  Now I own a 2016 Nissan Rogue!  Whats the point?  Just this… Stuff comes and goes.  Sometimes it gets better, other times it just costs more.  But one day, I am going to step from this life into a brand new, better version of the best I could have ever had here. I am going into the presence of people I only previously knew because of Ancestry and my check of them.  I will know them – personally!  I will speak to them and they will answer me.  It’s called Heaven…will you join me?

Bob White

Computer problems

Last week we had a hard drive failure, preceded by the “blue screen of death” . All attempts to recover have so far failed. The upshot is that posts will be sporadic until we take the offending machine to the Geek Squad or take an eight pound sledge hammer to it! It is a DELL Inspiron – here is a negative plug for them – this would be the fifth hard drive in as many years. “Piece of junk”  ….  Uncle Si

Apparently I’m not the only one frustrated by these necessary evil devices:

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