Hall of shame additions and repeats


Cher is our latest inductee, shown here kissing a repeat offender, Meryl Streep. Shame on you both for your vitrolic messages and questionable relationship.


And of course Robert de Niro for his recent comments about our duly elected President. Get over yourself de Niro.

Why do we and our media give any credence to the utterings of people whose job it is to pretend and try to be someone else? We at Arroyo City News deplore their behavior.

Hall of Shame

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles….Proverbs 21:23

Given all the trash we constantly hear spewed out of the mouths of recognizable people in positions of influence, Arroyo City News has decided to dishonor them. We are creating a Hall of Shame aka the Village Idiot’s Convention. We shall periodically publish pictures of these disgraceful people without any of their words. We leave it up to you to find an appropriate quotation. Here’s a mess of them to kick this campaign into gear.

We may repeat photos, it won’t be a mistake – many of these people deserve multiple nominations. We offer up prayers for them that God will forgive them and put them onto a straight path.