Heart-warming story

calfire1The Colton, CA fire department is busy fighting the raging California wildfires. About 25 firefighters were eating at the local Denny’s after a shift when an anonymous women called the waiter over and insisted on picking up their tab – a hefty $400! not only that, she put up another $100 for dessert. God bless her. The Colton Fire Department thanked the anonymous citizen for her “generous show of support.” “We are all honored to serve the citizens of our communities,” the department wrote.

Colton, CA Denny’s at a quiet moment

The Arroyo City Volunteer Fire Department wishes all the fire fighters battling the blazes God’s blessing and protection.

Fire Department meetings

LogoACVFDTomorrow the Fire Department auxiliary committee will meet at 5:30 and the board will meet afterwards at 6:30. All are welcome to attend. The ACVFD provides fire and rescue services in our community and is staffed entirely by volunteers. The firemen work tirelessly to ensure we have a safe environment in which to live, and in the event of an emergency they are on call to serve us.


Early morning tragedy

LogoACVFDAt around 8 o’clock this morning, a farmer called in a vehicle fire at San Fernando and FM 803 (Olmito Rd N). The South Texas EMS and Arroyo City Volunteer Fire Dept (ACVFD) were dispatched, arriving soon thereafter. The vehicle was a total loss with the driver missing and the passenger dead in the vehicle. As best as we can establish, at around midnight or soon after, the driver lost control negotiating the turn at the intersection of the two roads. The vehicle careened into a cane field and somehow caught fire. accidentlocation

It appears the driver was thrown from the vehicle at some point and the passenger was trapped inside. Unfortunately, the area is very remote and the roads sparsely traveled, so the accident was not detected until 8 am by a passing farmer. The vehicle was consumed by fire long before the responders arrived. A helicopter was called in to help search for the missing driver, but by noon, no one had been found. The DPS is investigating and the full story will no doubt become clarified soon. Chief Whelan and firefighters Robbie and Sterling King responded for the ACVFD – thank you guys for your prompt response.

We pray for the souls of the deceased and comfort for their families and loved ones.



Vacancy filled

esdSealThe vacancy on the board of the Emergency Services District was filled yesterday. County Judge Eddie Trevino swore in Eduardo Alvares at the monthly board meeting. We don’t know anything about Mr. Alvares, but we think he is with the Sheriff’s Department. The board president, Captain Carlos Garza welcomed him and assures us that our interests here in Arroyo City will be well served by Mr. Alvares. We wish him a successful term and ask God to guide him in his endeavors on the board. Welcome Eduardo!

Fire Department

LogoACVFDTonight the Fire Department had their monthly board meeting. Before the meeting, Tom Hushen from Cameron County Emergency Management gave training to the volunteer fire fighters on the valley wide radio system used by law enforcement, EMS and fire departments. Our department is now integrated with the system and will be equipped to respond to and assist in all emergencies in the county. More importantly, they will be able to react and respond more quickly to emergency incidents in Arroyo City.

bfdlogoThe Brownsville Fire Department, represented by Chief Elizondo and Deputy Chief Estrada, attended the meeting in a show of solidarity with our department. This ushers in a new era of co-operation between Brownsville and Arroyo City. Brownsville will be training and certifying our fire fighters as Emergency Medical Responders under the state definition and statute. This will give the community a much improved emergency medical service. We thank them both for their generosity and interest.

This new alliance is a breath of fresh air in the emergency response system in the county that has been plagued by territorial disputes and political maneuvering over the years, with consequent poor service to the community. Emergency services are funded by the tax payers (and generous donators here on the Arroyo) and they deserve more than they have been getting. Chief Whelan and the ACVFD look forward to serving our community more efficiently and professionally.


New President of the CCESD

Yesterday the board of the Cameron County Emergency Services District no.1 met for their monthly meeting. On the agenda was the election of a new President. Captain Carlos Garza from the Sheriff’s Office was nominated and elected. We congratulate Captain Garza and trust he will remain a supporter of our community and Fire Department. May God guide and direct him in his position.