2018 Fish Fry

It’s that time of year again. The Fire Department is having their annual Fish Fry Benefit to raise money. As you know, the county woefully under funds the Fire Department, so we have to step up to help them provide their essential service to the community. The event will be on February 24 – this is a heads up for you to mark your calendars and cancel other arrangements. See you there!


Here is a PDF version if you want to download the flyer and send it to your friends:



Blue markers on the roads

You may have noticed that reflective blue markers have been installed along FM 2925 and Marshall Hutts Rd.

These markers indicate the location of a functional fire hydrant or stand-pipe either in the TxDOT right of way or on private property. The Fire Department installed the markers in their ongoing effort to provide quality protection services to our community. In the event of a fire, the adequate identification of water sources for the pump and tank trucks allows the department to supply continuous water to their firefighting equipment. A big thank you to the volunteers at the department who give their time to serve our community.

Don’t forget, the Garage Sale is coming up on November 2, 3 and 4 and the Bake Sale with Open House is on November 18. Show your support at these events.

Road adoption

LogoACVFDThe Fire Department auxiliary committee has adopted a section of FM 2925 – from SeaWay Village westward for 2 miles. This morning at 0730, 11 volunteers turned out and did a sterling job until rain halted the work at around 0945. This was just as well – the heat, humidity, age and fatigue were taking toll. A huge thank you to the auxiliary, department members and others who came to perform a welcome community service.

Fire Department auxiliary members picking up trash along FM 2925

A polite request to drivers and passengers along FM 2925: we live here and don’t like looking at (or picking up) your trash discarded on the side of the road. Please show some consideration and DO NOT LITTER.

Fire Department news

LogoACVFDThe ACVFD has accelerated training after a summer slowdown. The winter Texans will start rolling in slowly and the Department wants to be ready for all eventualities. The new tanker truck is nearing completion and is expected to be commissioned into service this week. Much effort has been expended in getting the truck into shape and ready. Also, to meet ISO requirements, an extension to the garage has been ordered and is expected to be delivered for erection on October 6, 2017. The doors are already at site.

The Department thanks all its supporters and donors for making these improvements possible.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s training session.


Gas leak

LogoACVFDLast evening, the Arroyo City Fire Department responded to a gas leak from the cathodic test station across from Chili Willie’s. The residents of Seaview had been suffering the nauseating smell from this leak for four days. Repeated calls to Texas Gas had no effect, apparently Texas Gas does not maintain the lines despite being the gas supplier. It ended up as a classic case of buck-passing. Eventually 911 was called and the Fire Department was dispatched. Firefighters found the leak and shut off the gas supply. Their prompt action avoided what might have been a serious tragedy. Had the wind abated and the gas accumulated, the results could have been devastating. Shame on Texas Gas and their contractors for taking our money and not providing any service. Their inaction is criminal and put peoples’ lives in danger. It seems to us at Arroyo City News that we should be better served by our Utility companies – this is America, not some 3rd world banana republic. Hang your heads Texas Gas, your service is despicable.


For what it’s worth, the following is an extract from Texas Gas website on what to do if you suspect a gas leak. Our advice is to ignore them and simply call 911 – your Fire Department will respond long before Texas Gas.


If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately and then call Texas Gas Service at 800-959-5325 or 911.

Natural gas piping can be above ground, adjacent to structures, or above buildings. Be alert for sounds, sights, or odors that indicate a possible leak.


In its natural state you cannot smell natural gas, so Texas Gas Service adds a chemical called mercaptan, which has a strong pungent sulfur-like or rotten eggs odor to warn you if a natural gas leak is present.

  • If you smell even the faint odor of mercaptan or hear a hissing noise, leave the area immediately and notify others to do so as well. Notify others in person, not by phone or text.
  • Do not operate appliances, lights, phones (landlines or cell) or electrical equipment if you smell natural gas. Electrical currents from these devices can spark an explosion.
  • After you leave the potentially affected area, call at 800-959-5325, or 911, to report a natural gas leak. Do not use email, our website or social media to report a natural gas emergency.
  • Stay away from the building until an official familiar with the situation tells you it is safe to return.
  • Once your natural gas has been shut off, do not try to turn it back on. For your safety, only a qualified technician may perform this task.


If you are near a natural gas pipeline or meter, these tips can help you recognize a natural gas leak outdoors.

Look. Listen. Smell.

Use Your Eyes (Look)

If you notice any of the following there may be a natural gas leak:

  • Dirt or water blowing into the air;
  • Standing water continuously bubbling;
  • Unexplained dead or discolored vegetation, such as brown patches in your yard, around your meter or along a pipeline; or
  • Dry spots in a moist field.

Use Your Ears (Listen)

If you hear a loud roaring or high-pitched hissing sound, there may be a natural gas leak.

Use Your Nose (Smell)

If you smell an odor that has the distinct scent of sulfur or rotten eggs, there may be a natural gas leak. Do not rely solely on your sense of smell. Use all your senses to determine if natural gas is present.

Take Action

If you detect a natural gas leak outdoors:

  • Leave the area immediately.
  • Abandon any equipment being used in or near the area.
  • Warn others to stay away from the leak.
  • Move in an upwind direction away from the leak and maintain a safe distance.
  • Call Texas Gas Service emergency phone number at 800-959-5325 or 911.

Your local emergency authorities know what to do in this situation. Texas Gas Service will work with local authorities to minimize and eliminate any hazard.