Illegal burning


It has been reported to Arroyo City News that illegal burning has taken place on a number of occasions in our fire zone 10. While yard burning is permitted, certain rules apply that must be followed. Here is a link to the fire department’s information on burning:

The rules are stated with residential properties in mind, but the regulations apply to ALL burning in the zone – farming and commercial properties included. We understand much of the burning has been done at night which is prohibited by State law, irrespective of the rules and regulations.

The perpetrators know who they are and we appeal to them to be good neighbors and respect the law and our community.


Look out speeders

First there was “fake news” now we have “fake police”. A Massachusetts man has a life-size Crown Victoria in his driveway, all made of plywood and aluminum siding. The guy who owns the look-alike police cruiser says it’s been getting people to slow down for years. “It’s reflective, so even at night it catches everybody’s eye.” He got the sign from a friend who had a salvage yard years ago, and now puts it out on weekends, especially holiday weekends in the summertime.


Maybe we can do the same somewhere along Marshall Hutts to tame the speed demons  that tear down the road in their rush to get to the boat ramp in the park.

Early morning tragedy

LogoACVFDAt around 8 o’clock this morning, a farmer called in a vehicle fire at San Fernando and FM 803 (Olmito Rd N). The South Texas EMS and Arroyo City Volunteer Fire Dept (ACVFD) were dispatched, arriving soon thereafter. The vehicle was a total loss with the driver missing and the passenger dead in the vehicle. As best as we can establish, at around midnight or soon after, the driver lost control negotiating the turn at the intersection of the two roads. The vehicle careened into a cane field and somehow caught fire. accidentlocation

It appears the driver was thrown from the vehicle at some point and the passenger was trapped inside. Unfortunately, the area is very remote and the roads sparsely traveled, so the accident was not detected until 8 am by a passing farmer. The vehicle was consumed by fire long before the responders arrived. A helicopter was called in to help search for the missing driver, but by noon, no one had been found. The DPS is investigating and the full story will no doubt become clarified soon. Chief Whelan and firefighters Robbie and Sterling King responded for the ACVFD – thank you guys for your prompt response.

We pray for the souls of the deceased and comfort for their families and loved ones.



Police lives matter?

Yesterday, a recently paroled gang member killed his cousin in Whittier, CA and stole his car. The perpetrator, a 26-year-old gang member, had a history of serious crimes and had been granted early release from Los Angeles County jail about a week ago. After stealing his cousin’s vehicle he was involved in an auto accident. Two police officers responded to the call and when they arrived he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and opened fire on the police, killing one of them. He was taken into custody.


This item barely made it to local news in California and raises a raft of questions about the state of our Union. Why was this obviously dangerous man released from jail? Where are the “lives matter” protestors that riot and cause havoc when a police officer is involved in shooting someone? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander! Arroyo City News is sick and tired of the protestors and whiners that push their own minority agendae. Shame on all of you.

We pray for the officer’s family that God will help them through this terrible tragedy.


Garden trim burning

We’ve been asked to clarify the situation with respect to burning garden trimmings. The ACVFD tells us that permits for burning are no longer being issued. While previously this meant that no burning was allowed, the rules have been modified to allow private garden trim burning on your own property. Only dry garden trimmings may be burned, no garbage, building materials or any non wood items. Before you burn, you have to inform the local fire department (in our case the ACVFD) of the intended time and date you plan to burn so that they can be on standby in case something goes awry. Chief Whelan can be reached at (956) 330-7574. If the ACVFD has not been informed and someone reports your burn, you will get a citation from the Sheriff and be subject to a fine – we aren’t sure of the amount, but $500 comes to mind. When you conduct the burn, it has to be attended at all times, and you must have a garden hose handy to help extinguish any errant embers. After completing the burn, you have to hose down the ashes and immediate surrounds to ensure no flare up will occur. While these requirements are not very onerous, let common sense prevail!

  • Keep the pile small – that way it likely won’t get out of hand.
  • Burn in a spot that is easily accessible to a fire department truck in case of a problem.
  • DON’T burn near trees, brush or your house and outbuildings.
  • At the first sign of a problem – CALL 911.
  • DON’T burn on a windy day – you are asking for trouble.


Remember, if your fire gets out of hand, YOU are liable for any damage, even if you have followed the guidelines.

A word from the wise – Allied Waste picks up garden and tree trimmings once a month from the boulevard in front of your house (if you have regular garbage pick-up with them). Make use of this service before you contemplate burning. Accidents happen all too easily.

Another needless tragedy


Recently a young boy died in the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos, Greece. It was the result of a fire started by a cooking appliance. Read this story (especially the facebook post translation from Vangelis, the police officer). We pray that the war in Syria will stop and that the poor victims of this madness can have peace in their lives.

“Help us, save us, have mercy on us and keep us O God by thy grace.” …. the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrisostom


University of Texas Tower Massacre

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the University of Texas tower massacre. The shooting was the first mass shooting at a campus in the United States and sent shock waves around the country and the world. The anniversary coincides with the implementation of a new and highly controversial law passed by the Texas legislature that compels public universities – including the University of Texas – to allow licensed individuals aged 21 and over to carry concealed handguns in most campus buildings. A step forward or a step back?

A couple of links on the subject are listed below. Whatever your viewpoint, they make interesting reading.  and