Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018, may all your resolutions be successful and may God bless us all this coming year.

Here are some photos of celebrations around the world, including two from the dance at the Circle L.

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Church bulletin – October 22, 2017


And the PDF version: Bulletin_10_22_17

IconKazanThis Sunday, Orthodox Christians commemorate the Icon of the Theotokos of Kazan and the deliverance of Moscow and Russia from the Polish incursion in 1612. Through deceit, the Poles had succeeded in taking Moscow. In response to the appeal of Patriarch Hermogenes, the Russian people rose up in defense of its native land. From Kazan, the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God was sent to the army headed by Prince Demetrius Pozharsky. Emboldened by the arrival of the Icon, Russian forces on October 22, 1612 liberated Moscow from the Polish usurpers. A celebration in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos was established in 1649. With the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir, the Kazan Icon is one of the most revered and celebrated Icons in Russia. The image shown is a modern copy of the original Icon.

Sandcastle Days

This weekend South Padre Island is holding its annual sandcastle building competition. This year is the 30th anniversary of the event. Clayton’s Beach Bar is the site of the competition and we dropped by on Friday afternoon to check the progress of the castles. I believe tomorrow is judging day, so amble on down and check out the beautiful creations on display. The weather has co-operated with a break in the rain for the duration of the event. Here is a preview of the sculptures – still in progress. We missed one that was not very far along.


An Orb-weaver has taken up residence in our carport. He has become our friend – catching and consuming wasps, bees and other nasty stinging things. He measures about 2.5 inches tip to tip and has been there for almost 2 weeks now.

In researching these spiders, we came up with the following story. In 2009, workers at a Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant called for help to deal with over 100 million orb-weaver spiders, living in a community that managed to spin a phenomenal web that covered some 4 acres of a building with spider densities in some areas reaching 35,176 spiders per cubic meter. What a horrifying image!

Road adoption

LogoACVFDThe Fire Department auxiliary committee has adopted a section of FM 2925 – from SeaWay Village westward for 2 miles. This morning at 0730, 11 volunteers turned out and did a sterling job until rain halted the work at around 0945. This was just as well – the heat, humidity, age and fatigue were taking toll. A huge thank you to the auxiliary, department members and others who came to perform a welcome community service.

Fire Department auxiliary members picking up trash along FM 2925

A polite request to drivers and passengers along FM 2925: we live here and don’t like looking at (or picking up) your trash discarded on the side of the road. Please show some consideration and DO NOT LITTER.