2018 Fish Fry

It’s that time of year again. The Fire Department is having their annual Fish Fry Benefit to raise money. As you know, the county woefully under funds the Fire Department, so we have to step up to help them provide their essential service to the community. The event will be on February 24 – this is a heads up for you to mark your calendars and cancel other arrangements. See you there!


Here is a PDF version if you want to download the flyer and send it to your friends:



Road adoption

LogoACVFDThe Fire Department auxiliary committee has adopted a section of FM 2925 – from SeaWay Village westward for 2 miles. This morning at 0730, 11 volunteers turned out and did a sterling job until rain halted the work at around 0945. This was just as well – the heat, humidity, age and fatigue were taking toll. A huge thank you to the auxiliary, department members and others who came to perform a welcome community service.

Fire Department auxiliary members picking up trash along FM 2925

A polite request to drivers and passengers along FM 2925: we live here and don’t like looking at (or picking up) your trash discarded on the side of the road. Please show some consideration and DO NOT LITTER.

Meeting time again


Today the Fire Department committee for auxiliary functions meets at 5:30 in the fire hall. The committee discusses fund raising and non-emergency functions of the Fire Department and makes recommendations to the board for consideration. All are welcome.

Also today, after a summer hiatus, the Concerned Citizens Committee will meet at 6:30, also in the fire hall. Again, all are welcome.


3 Meetings in one night!


Arroyo City citizens had an opportunity to learn more about what is happening in their community and become a part of it. For our first meeting we had the Arroyo City Fire Department Auxiliary which everyone is welcome to attend. All the usual suspects were present and we thank them for attending. We can’t help wondering where the rest of you were. What would Arroyo City do without dedicated individuals?  The second meeting was for the Concerned Citizens which was poorly attended. We believe there should be a lot less apathy in our community. We encourage everyone to come, have their say and influence on what is going on. Maybe you have an issue that the community can assist you with. They are here to help all of the people in Arroyo City. We think you all should be taking advantage of this opportunity. The third meeting was for the firefighters training, to gain proficiency in how use the equipment.  Practice makes perfect.