Men’s breakfast – December 1st

The Church on the Arroyo will be hosting a men’s breakfast at 8 am on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 in the fellowship hall. Clarence and his band of helpers will do the cooking (Billy may still be in Arkansas) and everyone is welcome to come and share good food with good company! It’s always delicious.



It’s a little early, but Thanksgiving will be celebrated at the Church on the Arroyo on November 11, 2018. Join the community for Turk’s turkey and fixin’s – he does the best smoked turkey south of the North Pole. See y’all there.

Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer 20181

2018 Fish Fry

It’s that time of year again. The Fire Department is having their annual Fish Fry Benefit to raise money. As you know, the county woefully under funds the Fire Department, so we have to step up to help them provide their essential service to the community. The event will be on February 24 – this is a heads up for you to mark your calendars and cancel other arrangements. See you there!


Here is a PDF version if you want to download the flyer and send it to your friends:


Lunch in Harlingen

We stopped for lunch yesterday at the Las Vegas Cafe in Harlingen. Many have recommended this gem to us and finally we decided to give it a try. For under $15, the two of us ate more than we should have. Our choice was from the $4.99 lunch special menu – chicken fried steak with rice, re-fried beans and vegetable (cabbage noodles!) and the ladies plate, beef tacos with very cheesy nachos. Tea provided the liquid refreshment. A delicious treat and exceptional value. No wonder the place was packed. Recommended!

We have since been informed that we didn’t make the best choice. The Mexican Plates from the menu would have been a tastier selection. While this may be so (we’ll go back to test the advice), we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

Where not to eat!

We seldom go out to eat. Mostly we prepare a meal as good if not better than we get served and are usually overcharged for the dubious privilege. There are of course exceptions, but obviously Le Cinq in Paris is not one of them. Read this restaurant critic’s review of a meal that cost him $650 for a party of two – you’ll enjoy it!


And there are millions of people starving to death around the world. I’m not sure how patrons of such establishments sleep at night.

We appreciate Winter Texans


Every fall Arroyo City welcomes our Winter Texan residents and sadly bids them farewell in spring. In appreciation for their contribution to our community, the Church on the Arroyo is hosting a “Winter Texan Appreciation Luncheon” this coming Sunday, March 26 in the fellowship hall. The luncheon will be served after the morning service – around 11:45 am. Everyone is welcome and the Church will provide delicious smoked brisket. Please bring a side dish or a dessert if you like.