2018 Fish Fry

It’s that time of year again. The Fire Department is having their annual Fish Fry Benefit to raise money. As you know, the county woefully under funds the Fire Department, so we have to step up to help them provide their essential service to the community. The event will be on February 24 – this is a heads up for you to mark your calendars and cancel other arrangements. See you there!


Here is a PDF version if you want to download the flyer and send it to your friends:



Church on the Arroyo Musicians


Today we were treated to an inspired performance of “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night” by the Church on the Arroyo Musicians. Thank you Beverley for taking the time and putting in the effort to make this possible. We look forward to further shows in the near future. If you want to join the Musicians give Beverly a call.

Good job guys!

Blue markers on the roads

You may have noticed that reflective blue markers have been installed along FM 2925 and Marshall Hutts Rd.

These markers indicate the location of a functional fire hydrant or stand-pipe either in the TxDOT right of way or on private property. The Fire Department installed the markers in their ongoing effort to provide quality protection services to our community. In the event of a fire, the adequate identification of water sources for the pump and tank trucks allows the department to supply continuous water to their firefighting equipment. A big thank you to the volunteers at the department who give their time to serve our community.

Don’t forget, the Garage Sale is coming up on November 2, 3 and 4 and the Bake Sale with Open House is on November 18. Show your support at these events.

Turkey visitor

Arroyo City is well known for its flock of Wild Turkeys that wander the neighborhood. They stop traffic, generally take over the area and are much loved by the community. Woe to anyone who thinks he can bag one for the thanksgiving table.

Arriving at the Church on the Arroyo last Wednesday evening for bible study, we were greeted by a lone turkey who had decided that the walkway railing was a great perch from which to survey the parking lot. Here he is:

Fire Department news

LogoACVFDThe ACVFD has accelerated training after a summer slowdown. The winter Texans will start rolling in slowly and the Department wants to be ready for all eventualities. The new tanker truck is nearing completion and is expected to be commissioned into service this week. Much effort has been expended in getting the truck into shape and ready. Also, to meet ISO requirements, an extension to the garage has been ordered and is expected to be delivered for erection on October 6, 2017. The doors are already at site.

The Department thanks all its supporters and donors for making these improvements possible.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s training session.


Tire recycling


This coming week Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy counties are participating in a tire recycling program in conjunction with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council. Here’s how it will work for us in Cameron County Precinct 3: On Saturday June 24, you may take 4 tires to the collection site at the Cameron County vehicle maintenance yard located at FM 510 (San Jose Ranch Rd.) and Line M Rd. in San Benito. You may only take 4 tires per person and you have to show your driver’s license to prove you are a resident.

Here is a map showing the collection sites; if you have more than 4 tires, you can try another family member or collection site – we aren’t sure how strict the county will be on checking.


Please take advantage of this program – used tires are a fire hazard and when the rain comes, they provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

For more information go to the LRGVDC web page:  http://www.lrgvdc.org/roadtorecycling.html