Structure fire in Arroyo City

In the early hours of the morning today, the ACVFD was dispatched by 911 to a fire in Arroyo City. The fire started at around 4 am at Jerry Cochrane’s compound southeast of his bait shop. Sparking at the electrical panel on his pole barn ignited the structure. Jerry’s wife noticed the flames around 4:50 am, woke Jerry who called 911. The fire department responded and was on the scene by 5 am with a pumper truck. By this time the barn was already beyond saving and the firefighters doused the flames and cleared the brush and grass in the surrounding area to prevent the fire spreading. The tanker truck was dispatched to refill the pumper. For additional water, mutual aid was requested from Rio Hondo who dispatched a pumper and brush truck that arrived at 5:30 to assist in containment. Thank you Chief Bill Bilokury and your firefighters for your help. An ACVFD brush truck was brought in provide a backup in case the surrounding trees caught fire. Fortunately there was no wind, and the fire was contained. By 7:30am the danger was past. No injuries were sustained, and the loss was restricted to the pole barn and the few contents – fortunately the barn was almost empty with no occupants at the time.

Arroyo City News thanks Chief John Whelan, Asst. Chief Chuck Whelan, Capt. Mark Hammond, Lt. Diane Sheehy and FF Turk Johnson for their prompt response and dedication to their community. May God bless them and the Department in their selfless work.


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