Quail Call

Once again, last evening we had a Bible Study and the topic was (as usual) Heaven.  I chose to discuss what we know about the “mansion” that Jesus promised us.  There is more than you might expect!  Rev. 21 and 22 the last two chapters of the Bible, tell us almost all of what we know.  Along with a few references from (mainly) the Old Testament, these two chapters is where we must look to find meaningful info about our Final Home.  In those chapters, Jesus told John that this Heaven would be a City, in a Country situated in a New Earth.  We discussed His use of the illustration “Earth” and talked about why He would use an example of “earth” IF…IF, It wouldn’t be earth.  A wonderful discussion followed…I wish you had been there…will you be there this next Wednesday night, 5PM??

Bob White


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