Quail Call

Last night (Wed.) we met for Bible Study as per usual.   It was a great time of study and questions. We discussed what the permanent Heaven will be like…what we know…what we hope…what we pray will be there.  Most of us have heard things about Heaven.  We have heard there will be no pain; no suffering; no tears.  Mostly we hope for reunion with those who have gone on before us.   We wish to see those who possibly, we have never seen or can only scarcely remember.  For myself I what to talk with my Great Grandfather White.  He died in August and I was born in Dec. I what to know him and ask him questions about how my Grandfather Roma White met my Grandmother Edna White and how they got from Nebraska to California…and why!  Now look, you may be wondering the same things…but you cannot go and ask questions or even see them unless you get to Heaven!  You cannot go unless you go through Jesus Christ.  I didn’t set the rules…I can only tell you about them.

Bob White


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