Quail Call

Here we are another Thursday AM…as is my custom, I came into my office, sat down at my desk and read 2 chapters of the Bible.  I am reading through the Bible again, and usually I read 5 or 10 chapters in the morning…but this time I am only reading 2 chapters…taking my time and trying to absorb it more.  Anyhoooo,  I am reading in Joshua.   Great book about God taking His people into the promised land…setting them up to fight to gain the promise of all the land.  Here in the 5th of Joshua I ran across an interesting statement.  That, by the way, is the reason you should read your Bible…He shows us terrific things hidden in “so and so begat so and so” stuff.   Case in point; Joshua looks up from his business and see “a Man” standing there with a drawn sword.  He asks the Man which side he is on, Joshua’s or his enemies…then the Man drops a nugget!   “Neither…I’m commander of God’s army.”  From that are we to glean that God is more interested in people than politics??  See what I mean about wonderful things just “showing up”?

Bob White


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