Quail Call

It’s early Thursday AM…I’m sitting in my office and my mind is on Heaven.  Now, this is not usual for me…except lately – since I began our Bible Study on Heaven – this is more and more my experience.  When I was much younger, I must say, I NEVER thought about Heaven.  If I ever did…my mind flirted around the edges and quickly I told myself, “Well, it will be wonderful but the Bible doesn’t say much about it so I’ll leave at that”.  Then I began to find out the Bible really does say a whole lot about Heaven.  I have come to the conclusion that what is commonly thought about Heaven, namely “It’s wonderful”… or “There will be no sorrow there” or “We won’t really know each other there” or a lot of other things just are suspect.  Oh, I believe it will be wonderful…I believe we will know each other there…I believe I’m going there someday.  But there seems to be work to do – much of it after we die – and that does not fit into the narrative we hear.  Have I teased your interest?  We meet Wed. evenings at 5PM…

Bob White


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