Quail Call

I can’t believe it’s been since 12/13 since I talked with you…but it has!  WE ”
got back into the swing” last night at Bible Study.  We had a great time!  Many are now “jumpin in” with active imaginations as to what Heaven could be like.  Too long,  many of us have just pushed the subject to the rear of the bus and virtually NEVER thought about Heaven.  If we will spend some 60-90 years here…and ETERNITY there… what’s the draw to learning this life??  Well, there are some things we haven’t experienced, like How long is eternity?; What does God look like?; and Who can I talk to about this?  None of us know any humans who have been to Heaven and come back to tell us about it… We don’t understand “NEVER-ENDING”…and besides, the rent comes due soon!!  We plan to attack these and other subjects on Wed. nights coming…will you join us?

Bob White


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