Birdy McBirdface

A week or so back we published a post on Trainy McTrainface and Boaty McBoatface. Well here’s the sad story of Birdy McBirdface.

While cleaning up at the Fire Department garage, we found a very young chick crawling around on the floor weakly chirping. Despite a thorough search in and around the building, no nest could be found. Not being able to put the little thing back in its nest, we took it home where Diane immediately named him Birdy McBirdface and put him in a shoe-box with shredded paper and a light bulb over for warmth.

She fed and nurtured little Birdy McBirdface for 5 or 6 days but to no avail. He died and we tearfully buried him in the yard.

We have no idea what kind of bird he was, but he touched our hearts and we were very sad to see him go.



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