Illegal burning


It has been reported to Arroyo City News that illegal burning has taken place on a number of occasions in our fire zone 10. While yard burning is permitted, certain rules apply that must be followed. Here is a link to the fire department’s information on burning:

The rules are stated with residential properties in mind, but the regulations apply to ALL burning in the zone – farming and commercial properties included. We understand much of the burning has been done at night which is prohibited by State law, irrespective of the rules and regulations.

The perpetrators know who they are and we appeal to them to be good neighbors and respect the law and our community.


Banyana Banyana heartbreak

Yesterday the South African national women’s soccer team lost the final game of the AWCON tournament in Accra, Ghana to the Nigerians. The Nigerians are nine times winners and the power house of African football. The plucky South Africans beat them in the qualifying round, but could not pull off the double. The game could have gone either way, with no score after regular time and no score after extra time. Nigeria scored all four of their penalty shots, while South Africa missed one to go down 4-3.


The bright notes in this are that Banyana Banyana have qualified for the next World Cup and Thembi Kgatlana was voted player of the tournament. Thembi is a forward with the team and plays her professional game with the Houston Dash here in the US. Practically a fellow Texan. Congratulations Thembi!


Amazing Postal Service

We came across this story some time back and thought the diligence of a postal worker should be acknowledged and shared:

newzealandsouthA parcel sent to a couple in New Zealand addressed only with “a farm, situated up a long driveway with cows, opposite a pub or thereabouts” has reached its rightful owners.

The parcel was initially received by a service center in the rural village of Cust in the South Island of New Zealand, located between Oxford and Rangiora. The center has a post office attached to it that services Cust’s 450 residents.

Manager of the Cust service center, Tammie McGrath, said it was custom to return mail that was not properly addressed to the sender. But she decided to attempt to find the cow-owning recipients of the parcel, posting an image of the package to Facebook. The only other clue on the parcel was that it was for ‘Kay and Philip’. “I could tell it had been written by an older person and I just thought, well, I’ll hang on to it for a couple of days before I send it back and see if I can find who it belongs to,” McGrath said.

“A couple of hours after I posted it on Facebook, a man came in and said, ‘I think we own this parcel.’ He gave me his details and said his name was Philip, and that while he didn’t live across from a pub, he lived down the road from one. He also showed me a card with a picture of his property on it, which showed a field with cows on it. He isn’t actually on Facebook, but people who know him who are on Facebook showed the post to him.”

It turned out the lady who sent the parcel was a woman in her 70s, Irene Meekings, who had visited Kay and Philip’s home a couple of times with her daughter-in-law for dinner. Though almost blind, Meekings likes to sew, and the package contained thank-you gifts of a handmade tea-towel and apron. “This little old lady went to all the trouble to send this package, and I am glad we were able to help her to get it to the right place,” McGrath said.

Other rural post offices also began sharing their obscure letter stories to the Cust service centre Facebook page. Melanie Dalton wrote: “We are rural post in Balclutha. We got a letter years ago asking for the letter to be delivered to ‘the old house with the pretty garden … across the road from the big white goat with one horn’.”

Thanks to the Guardian for the story.

Banyana Banyana

The South African national women’s soccer team, Banyana Banyana (loosely translated as “the Girls, the Girls”) today face the Super Falcons of Nigeria in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Ghana. This is the premier tournament in African football and the finalists automatically secure a berth in the World Cup.

We realize that the result of this game is of absolutely no consequence to anyone here on the Arroyo and only the Arroyo City News staff could care less – however, with our close ties to South Africa and love of the “beautiful game” we wish South Africa all the best in the game. Go Banyana Banyana! Obviously we shall keep you all posted on the result.

For those with a penchant for useless trivia, the South African men’s national team is Bafana Bafana – “the Boys the Boys”

Los Fresnos FD


Los Fresnos FD has a new home. After the men’s breakfast this morning, you can attend the open house from 10 to noon at their new location just east of the rodeo grounds on rte 100. Chief Gene Daniels and his department have been stalwart supporters of the Arroyo City VFD over the years and they can be relied upon for mutual aid when required. We ask God to bless them in their endeavors and cover the firefighters with a blanket of protection.

Men’s breakfast – December 1st

The Church on the Arroyo will be hosting a men’s breakfast at 8 am on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 in the fellowship hall. Clarence and his band of helpers will do the cooking (Billy may still be in Arkansas) and everyone is welcome to come and share good food with good company! It’s always delicious.