We at Arroyo City News are very partial to vintage trucks – especially pre 1954 Chevrolets. Here’s a pretty one for others out there with similar taste to enjoy.



Criminal justice?

Over the past few weeks we have seen two interviews on television with two separate lawyers, one representing Dr. Ford and the other representing Kathryn Mayorga. Dr. Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety and Ms. Mayorga accused Christiano Ronaldo of rape.


In both interviews, the lawyers stated the equivalent of: “the accused would have his day in court to prove his innocence“. We think both lawyers should review their law books and perhaps take a refresher course before being made to resit the bar exam.

We at Arroyo City News abhor any form of sexual misconduct but also believe in the basic premise of innocent until proven guilty. Just because the accused are high profile, the law must treat them the same as anyone else – everyone is equal under the law. We also believe that generally the justice system does just this, it is the lawyers and their rhetoric which subvert the system. They need to be held to a higher standard of ethics.

South Padre Sandcastle Days


It’s that time of year again. The sand sculptors are busy at Clayton’s putting together this year’s sand castles. Join the masters of sand and the folks at Clayton’s for the event.





Here is the schedule of events for the weekend, all days start at 09:00:

Wednesday, October 3rd

  • Masters of Sand carve as a group build Sponsors Sculptures. See them work their magic on the group sandcastle.

Thursday, October 4th

  • Official start Masters of Sand Competition
  • Join the Masters, listen to music and watch them create Unforgettable Sand Art

Friday, October 5th

  • Masters of Sand continue sculpting
  • Registration Open – Amateur competition includes: Kids, Family, Groups, and Singles 1 pm – 5 pm
  • T-Shirt Sales Open
  • Sandcastle Days Mercado
  • Live Bands on Stage At Clayton’s

Saturday, October 6th

  • Sandcamp – Free Sandcastle Lessons begging at 8:00 am
  • Master Sand Sculpting competition final day!
  • Sandcastle Days Mercado Open 10:00 am to Close
  • Children Water Slides, Bouncer & Bull Riding Open
  • Amateur Registration open 8:00 am
  • Amateur competition begins at 9:00 am, ends at 3:00 pm / Kids, Family, Group or Singles Castle welcome
  • Unlitter Campaign 10th Annual Trashion Show “Straw Wars Theme” at 4:00 pm
  • Judging for Amateur and Masters Divisions
  • Awards Ceremony for Amateur and Masters Divisions at 4:30 pm
  • Live Bands on Stage at Clayton’s

Sunday, October 7th

  • Sandcamp – Free Sandcastle Lessons begin at 10:00 am
  • Sandcastle Days Mercado
  • Children Water Slides, Bouncer & Bull Riding Open
  • Enjoy the Sand Monuments, Listen to music and play the day away
  • Spread The Word Family Fun For All Ages
  • People’s Choice Awards at 3:00 pm

Rugby update

After 9 years and 40 games unbeaten at home, the New Zealand All Blacks were handed a can of whupass by the South African Springboks on September 15. While it was no blowout (36-34) the Springboks were well deserved winners with a masterful display of technique and strategy – something that has eluded them for the past few years. The Bokke are back!