Quail Call

It’s Thursday morning…sitting in my office thinking about what I said last night to my Bible Study group.  The subject again was Heaven and the group was discussing using our imagination to try and picture Heaven.  I read them a quotation – the origin of which I am ignorant – and it went like this:  “GOD DETERMINED THAT HE WOULD RATHER GO TO HELL ON OUR BEHALF THAN LIVE IN HEAVEN WITHOUT US!”  I know that comes as abrupt to some…to others it sounds like a stretch…and to some it sounds blasphemous.  But it is the truth!  Scripture declares there was a three day “absence” of our Lord after He was buried, and before He was Resurrected.  Where was He?  I believe (as do many others) that He descended into Sheol – a Hebrew word for “the place of the departed dead” – spent that time there and then took all the believers – from Adam and Eve to whoever the last  one was – back to be with Him.  Those of us who die before He returns again will join them WHEREVER He is and await for the events of what we call “END TIMES”.  Wouldn’t you like to be there?

Bob White


Church bulletin – October 22, 2017


And the PDF version: Bulletin_10_22_17

IconKazanThis Sunday, Orthodox Christians commemorate the Icon of the Theotokos of Kazan and the deliverance of Moscow and Russia from the Polish incursion in 1612. Through deceit, the Poles had succeeded in taking Moscow. In response to the appeal of Patriarch Hermogenes, the Russian people rose up in defense of its native land. From Kazan, the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God was sent to the army headed by Prince Demetrius Pozharsky. Emboldened by the arrival of the Icon, Russian forces on October 22, 1612 liberated Moscow from the Polish usurpers. A celebration in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos was established in 1649. With the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir, the Kazan Icon is one of the most revered and celebrated Icons in Russia. The image shown is a modern copy of the original Icon.

Blue markers on the roads

You may have noticed that reflective blue markers have been installed along FM 2925 and Marshall Hutts Rd.

These markers indicate the location of a functional fire hydrant or stand-pipe either in the TxDOT right of way or on private property. The Fire Department installed the markers in their ongoing effort to provide quality protection services to our community. In the event of a fire, the adequate identification of water sources for the pump and tank trucks allows the department to supply continuous water to their firefighting equipment. A big thank you to the volunteers at the department who give their time to serve our community.

Don’t forget, the Garage Sale is coming up on November 2, 3 and 4 and the Bake Sale with Open House is on November 18. Show your support at these events.

Shipping News

The tug Red Fish is a relative newcomer to our waters (as far as we know). She has been seen recently heading in and out of the Port of Harlingen.

The Red Fish is owned by Higman Marine Services with Corporate offices in Houston. They operate out of offices in Houston and Orange, TX, Covington, LA and Mobile, AL. The Red fish is a 2000HP tug measuring 78′ X 32′ X 10′ and has a fuel capacity of 19,000 gallons. Higman is a relatively large corporation and has many similar vessels plying the Intracoastal every day.

Welcome to the Arroyo Red Fish and crew!

Turkey visitor

Arroyo City is well known for its flock of Wild Turkeys that wander the neighborhood. They stop traffic, generally take over the area and are much loved by the community. Woe to anyone who thinks he can bag one for the thanksgiving table.

Arriving at the Church on the Arroyo last Wednesday evening for bible study, we were greeted by a lone turkey who had decided that the walkway railing was a great perch from which to survey the parking lot. Here he is:

Quail Call

Today, I learned something that I probably should have known…YOU CANNOT ANTICIPATE OR DESIRE ANYTHING YOU CANNOT IMAGINE.

Wow…that is a statement and a half!  When we are talking about Heaven…like we are on Wed. night, 5PM…that takes on special meaning.  Problem we are finding is this, Most of us don’t know anything about Heaven.  We will spend some 70-90 years here on earth…and ETERNITY in Heaven…but we spend all our years here trying to learn about this time…and virtually NONE learning about our ETERNITY time.  How can that be?  Well, I am right in there with most of you.  I cannot remember one sermon I have heard on Heaven…I cannot remember preaching one sermon on Heaven…When pressed, I cannot remember much the Bible says about Heaven!  Yet, I can (and do) spend almost every Sunday preaching about life here…and how to fight the “good fight”.  Can YOU imagine Heaven?  What you might look like…what you may be doing while there…Who will be there with you…WILL YOU BE THERE?

Bob White